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over 4 years ago

Hackalong: T-MINUS 6 Days!

Hi there!

Hackalong is less than a week away! We are all very excited to see what you will build and how you will do it! To prepare for next week, we wanted to include a checklist to make sure you are ready to go once Saturday comes around:


  • Officially signed up @
  • Joined the Hackalong Discord (optional if you want to receive immediate updates, find team members, and network!)
  • Blocked off time Saturday & Sunday to work hard on your project!
  • Stocked up on your favorite coffee/tea/water/energy drink 
  • Have 24h of your favorite music ready to jam in a playlist
  • Have your hacking device (and stream gear ready if you plan to stream!)
  • Get HYPED and ready to learn something AWESOME. 


Don’t forget that the two final themes will be announced THE START DAY of Hackalong! You will be able to submit your projects for those themes to win certain prizes!


We also have some awesome swag:

Pick up a shirt @


Pick up a sticker by reaching out to He will tell you the process of ordering stickers ($5 a sticker).

Don’t forget, all proceeds from our swag go directly into the prizes for the event. 


Thank you for signing up. We can’t wait to hang with you all! 

-Hackalong Team


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.